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I'm developing a plugin for Eclipse (4.2 on windows) that uses a bunch of external files (batch scripts, xml files, ecc). I'm asking if there is a good method to manage those files inside the project in order to:

  • keep all the plugin resources inside the project for version control in SVN
  • possibly have an automated plugin installation (including those files outside the plugin jar)

Edit: Can an additional "Feature Project" be a solution? Instead of having a project I would manage two: one for the plugin and one for the "feature" that references the plugin and gathers the non-plugin data.

In that case, I see that eclipse "Features" have an "installation" section (in "feature.xml"). How could I specify for each "non-plugin" file the install path location?

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I'm using nested projects for this.

Create a parent project that will contain everything. For each sub-project, deactivate the default location when you create it and select the parent project's root folder instead.

Here is an example:

It doesn't have a .project file in the root but having one doesn't hurt.

Just remember to import the sub-projects before you start working on them. Otherwise, you and Eclipse might get confused.

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