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I'm trying to run an animation by altering the background-position of an image within a div. I'm using setTimeout to recall the function and continuously decrement the image position (so it appears to be animated). I've tested the the variables and setTimeout they seem to be working fine. The image however is not moving at all.

How can i amend the code to enable this animation to run ?

var decrement = 0;

function runningRobot() {
var robotCont = document.getElementById('robotCont');

  if(decrement < -660) {
  decrement = 0;
 robotCont.style.backgroundPositon = decrement+ 'px' +' '+ 0 + 'px';
decrement -= 110;  
timer = setTimeout(runningRobot,500);

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I think you don't need to concatenate zero. Should be decrement+ 'px 0px' –  antyrat Jan 30 at 16:23

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You misspelled backgroundPosition:

robotCont.style.backgroundPosition = decrement + 'px' + ' ' + 0 + 'px';

I also don't know if you'll need the position left setting. I think 0 is the default, and since it comes second to top, it can be omitted, right?

robotCont.style.backgroundPosition = decrement + 'px';
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According to MDN, the background-position style needs "a list, each item consisting of two keywords". The second 0px can't be omitted. Also, you can reduce the decrement + 'px' + ' ' + 0 + 'px' code to decrement + 'px 0px'. I'll upvote after you've made those changes. –  Joeytje50 Jan 30 at 16:33
incorrect spelling, embarrassing. Thanks –  moonshineOutlaw Jan 30 at 16:48
Not embarrassing. Normal. –  axiom82 Jan 31 at 17:29

To improve to axiom82's answer, you can also reduce your code by putting the amount of seperate parts you have together. You'd change it from:

robotCont.style.backgroundPosition = decrement + 'px' + ' ' + 0 + 'px';


robotCont.style.backgroundPosition = decrement + 'px 0px';

as was also suggested by antyrat in the comments.

And to correct axiom82, it is not allowed to omit the second 0px, as can be seen on the MDN docs, which says the background-position style needs "a list, each item consisting of two keywords". This means both the x and the y need to be specified, and the second value can't be omitted.

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Thanks, Joey. It was more of a quick idea when I mentioned the partial position value. Have you tested the partial value in browsers yet. MSDN is not necessarily the authority. W3C is more widely accepted. I haven't had the time to check their standards on background position values. –  axiom82 Jan 31 at 17:34
@MichaelMcNally MDN directly takes their information from sources such as W3C standards, so usually they are right about this kind of thing. The advantage of checking MDN is that they usually put it in an easier layout, so it's easier to find the thing you're looking for there. By the way, it's MDN (Mozilla Developer Network), not MSDN (MicroSoft Developer Network) –  Joeytje50 Jan 31 at 17:51

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