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I am trying to create my own Hibernate mapping to read and write UTC Timestamps to DB with Hibernate, so I am extending the Hibernate TimestampType class as shown below, but I always get the following error. So can someone please help by telling me what I am doing wrong here? Thanks for your time.

Multiple markers at this line - The method set(PreparedStatement, Object, int) of type UTCTimestampType must override or implement a supertype method - Name clash: The method set(PreparedStatement, Object, int) of type UTCTimestampType has the same erasure as set(PreparedStatement, T, int) of type AbstractSingleColumnStandardBasicType but does not override it

public class UTCTimestampType extends org.hibernate.type.TimestampType{

        public Object get(ResultSet rs, String name) throws SQLException {
            return rs.getTimestamp(name, createUTCCalendar());

        private static Calendar createUTCCalendar() {
            final Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
            c.setTimeZone(new SimpleTimeZone(0, "UTC"));
            return c;

        public void set(PreparedStatement st, Object value, int index)
                    throws SQLException{
            Timestamp ts;
            if (value instanceof Timestamp) {
                ts = (Timestamp) value;
            } else {
                ts = new Timestamp(((java.util.Date)value).getTime());
            st.setTimestamp(index, ts, createUTCCalendar());
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did you extend UTCTimestampType in some class? –  Jigar Joshi Feb 1 at 21:14
@JigarJoshi no as I can't even compile UTCTimestampType in the first place –  MChan Feb 1 at 21:19
can you post hibernate version and jdk version on your questino –  Jigar Joshi Feb 1 at 21:21
@JigarJoshi I am using hibernate-core-3.6.0.Final.jar in my app and JDK 7 –  MChan Feb 1 at 21:59

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Take a look at the Java Doc for TimestampType:

TimestampType it extends


The method signature is set(PreparedStatement st, T value, int index) not with Object


        public void set(PreparedStatement st, Date value, int index)
                    throws SQLException{...
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Thanks for your reply. Well this explains the error, as I was using Hibernate 3.6 jar while this code is more for Hibernate 3.5...one last question please...won't changing Object to Date cause me trouble for the custom mapping to read and write UTC Timestamps to DB with Hibernate as mentioned in my question? –  MChan Feb 1 at 22:08
Can't answer the second question. You have to try it. Since TimestampType extends AbstractSingleColumnStandardBasicType<Date> the type(T) is Date, so I don't think it will cause problems. –  Evgeni Feb 1 at 22:16
You can try to override it with T: public void set(PreparedStatement st, T value, int index). Not sure if it will work. –  Evgeni Feb 1 at 22:19

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