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I wrote a HTML5 webpage consisting only of:

<input type="text" style="font-size: 40px;"  name="speech" size="50"  x-webkit-speech/> 

What I'm trying to do is to get the x-webkit-speech to start automatically as soon as I enter the page and continously put out the speech recognition results into the text. How would I do that ? I've seen various javascripts relating to that and I tested a lot of them but they don't work for me.

Thanks to anyone who answers ! ;)

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You can try to use Web Speech API, for example:

if ('webkitSpeechRecognition' in window) {
  var recognition = new webkitSpeechRecognition();
  var final_transcript = '';
  recognition.continuous = true;
  recognition.interimResults = true;

  recognition.onresult = function( event ) {
    var final_transcript = '';
    for (var i = event.resultIndex; i < event.results.length; ++i) {
      if (event.results[i].isFinal) {
        final_transcript += event.results[i][0].transcript;
    document.getElementById( 'speech' ).value = final_transcript;

The only one thing is that you will need to allow page to use microphone at page load

jsFiddle demo

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I added your code to my html file but I still can't get it to work, I was thinking that chrome blocks my microphone ,but, I have my settings set so it would ask me for permission and the microphone itself works because I try it on my simple HTML input and when I click the microphone button it starts listening. it seems like that javascript doesn't do anything. Maybe I put in the JAVA incorrectly ? I placed your code in between <script type="text/javascript"> </script> In the body and it didn't work ,then, I moved it to the Head and it still didn't work. Thanks for your answer. – Shady Programmer Jan 30 '14 at 18:52
@ShadyProgrammer and jsFiddle demo is working for you? Have you looked into console, are there any errors? Are you using latest Google Chrome browser? – antyrat Jan 30 '14 at 18:54
jsFiddle is working. I'm only using notepad++ so I don't know of any errors. I'm using the latest Google chrome. – Shady Programmer Jan 30 '14 at 19:07
Maybe this is happen because you run your script from HTML file and not from server. Try to setup some localhost server or upload your page to the hosting. – antyrat Jan 30 '14 at 19:16
You have a typo there, should be onend instead of onned, also this is not a property, this is an event handler so should be just: recognition.onend = function() { location.reload( true ) }; – antyrat Feb 6 '14 at 18:07

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