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I have several UIViewControllers in my app -- particularly one that displays web content in a UIWebView -- that would benefit from being able to collapse the height of a UINavigationBar, like you find when you scroll in the Facebook app or Safari on iOS. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how this is done.

I recognize that I probably need to key off the UIScrollViewDelegate scrollViewDidScroll: method, but have not had much success up to this point. Can anyone give me some pointers on how I can accomplish this? I did see the AMScrollingNavbar project, but I can't use it in our app due to company requirements.

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As far as I know AMScrollingNavbar is open source so you could look into their code? –  MrBr Jan 30 '14 at 17:04

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I'm the creator of AMScrollingNavbar.
As you can see from the code, I found out that the best way to implement that behavior is to use a gesture recognizer. It's key to implement its delegate protocol, returning YES for the method:

- (BOOL)gestureRecognizer:(UIGestureRecognizer *)gestureRecognizer shouldRecognizeSimultaneouslyWithGestureRecognizer:(UIGestureRecognizer *)otherGestureRecognizer

As for the UIWebView, remember that you have to deal with the scrollview contained in the webview. You can find more in the source code though, and since I released it under MIT license, feel free to include it in your commercial project, or modify it as you see fit.

I also published an article on the process that I used to create the library, you can read it here: AMScrollingNavbar: Creating a Cocoapod.

It explains a couple of gotchas that I encountered while writing the library.

Hope this helps. Cheers

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