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I have an SVG document with an embedded JPEG image (placed in the same directory) which I'd like to convert to PNG in Python.

<image x="20" y="20" width="300" height="80" xlink:href="./pattern.jpg" />

Currently, I'm using Wand which does create a PNG image that contains all SVG objects but not the embedded image.

with Image(filename='data/output.svg') as image:

Any ideas how to solve this? Thank you very much!

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If it's a png image, why does the href end .jpg? –  Robert Longson Jan 30 at 17:17
Sorry, the embedded image is of course a JPG. Doesn't matter though, any embedded image will not be visible in the output PNG. –  tungl Jan 30 at 17:46
i experience similar issue with 'bartik' while converting svg to png. to solved this by giving absolute path to image. so in your case try giving full image path like xlink:href="xyz.com/pattern.jpg"; and then check –  RashFlash Jan 30 at 17:49
Thanks, but I've already tried that. Still no change. –  tungl Jan 30 at 18:05
I've tried with inkscape and rsvg-convert now. Inkscape works, whereas rsvg does not. I really don't understand... –  tungl Jan 30 at 20:04

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