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We run two weeks sprints and usually have a 30 min team meeting at the end of each sprint. Our scrum master recently announced a change to our sprint retrospectives. After the first two week sprint, the retrospective would be done via email with team comments submitted to the scrum master. We'd only meet face to face as a team after every second sprint.

This seems against best practice to me but do people have an experience of this retrospective style in other organisations that use the agile process.

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It would looks like a grievance gathering than a real feedback introspection.

However, what shocked me the most is that it was a one way decision from your SCRUM Master (Which seems to be your manager really in this case).

The whole Agility stuff, before having strict best practices, is about bottom up decisions and self organisation.

Therefore, if some teams might find that is a good idea to run a retrospective every two Sprints (It happens, sometime a good team don't need so many meetings and find other more effective ways to solve small issues), it should have been a team decision and not your SCRUM Master's

Do you, as a team member, feels like you need this retrospective?

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Sprints can last 2 or 4 weeks. When the team feels the sprints' duration should increase or decrease, this should be discussed with the all scrum team because it's going to change a lot of things.

Is there a necessity to change your sprints duration from 2 to 4 weeks? This question should be discussed during a sprint retrospective. If so, then you have to adapt every scrum artefacts according to new sprint duration : sprint reviews and retrospective last more time, but their rythm stays the same.

A retrospective is not an email feedback. It has to be a moment when team gather to share their work, thoughts, learnings… with the other members. It's a moment when team make decisions, either regarding the project they're working on, or how its self organization. If the team agrees to make some email feedback at the sprint's half way, then call it whatever you want, but it's not a Scrum artefact.

I agree with Aurélien: the Scrum master is supposed to help the team understand the Scrum process and learn from it to improve herself. He can "lead" therefore the reviews and retrospective if the team needs to, but he should not make decisions by himself.

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This looks like a dysfunction to me.

The Scrum Master should never dictate what a Scrum Team must do. Scrum Teams are self-organizing and the Scrum Master role exists to guide, mentor, coach and assist the Scrum Team in using Scrum and becoming self-organizing.

With regard to your Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Guide advises that a Sprint Retrospective is a 3 hour long meeting for a one month long Sprint and usually less for shorter length Sprints. In my experience, two week Sprints usually benefit from a Sprint Retrospective that is at least one hour long, even longer for new Scrum Teams. The 30 minute meeting you're having at the moment does seem very short. Do you feel you have enough time to talk through everything? Do you also have enough time to create an action plan for the improvements you identify?

The principles behind the Agile Manifesto include this: "The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation." In other words, email won't cut it.

I might suggest that having a chat with the Scrum Master to understand why they have imposed this requirement would be helpful. Try to understand why they are intentionally ignoring what the Scrum Guide and Agile Manifesto says. Then, inspect and adapt.

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