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I am using the points and identify function of R to make an interactive graph. When using only one plot, I can succesfully position the points where I want. However, when I combine several plots in a plot window, the green cross symbols are not drawn where they should have been drawn (in the middle of the two bars at the top of the display as in the figure on: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1au5n6ydw8bvjx0/screen.png).

I use the following code (extract):

layout(matrix(c(1,1,2,3), 2, 2, byrow = TRUE))

cols <- rainbow(nrow(varDur), s=1, v = 0.7)
bplot1 <- barplot(as.numeric(unlist(varDur[,3])), 
                ylim = c(0,1.1*max(as.numeric(unlist(varDur[,3])))), 
                names.arg = rownames(varDur), 
                ylab = paste("Duration in", unit), col = cols)

points(x = bplot1, y = (as.numeric(unlist(varDur[,3])))/2, pch = 4, col = 3)
n <- nrow(varDur)
x <- bplot1
y <- (as.numeric(unlist(varDur[,3])))/2
sel <- rep(FALSE, length(x)); res <- "Nothing selected."

if(sum(sel) < n) { #Documentation online
ans <- identify(x[!sel], y[!sel], n=1, plot=FALSE)
if(!length(ans)) break
ans <- which(!sel)[ans]
sel[ans] <- TRUE
res <- rownames(varDur)[ans]
case <- getCase(variant,res)
showCaseInformation(case, unit)

So I know that using the layout() function is the problem. But I have to use it to combine plots. My question is how to get the right coordinates for my green cross symbols this time. bplot1 does not provide me with the right ones obviously.

Kind regards

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