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I'm new to Oracle and having trouble finding how to search the tables by specific city. I've looked around and a few examples come up but I don't know if I'm on the right track or not. See my examples below.

Can someone please help?

SELECT company, city
FROM customer
WHERE city = 'Sunnyvale', 'Redwood City';
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Fine, also do you mind the case match too? –  Maheswaran Ravisankar Jan 30 at 18:25
Hi Maheswaran, I'm not familiar with your lingo. Can you please explain? –  goodgirlatx347 Jan 30 at 18:34
Also, I'm having trouble with the apostrophe in Oracle. Is there a reason why it only hooks to the right when I'm in sqlplus? –  goodgirlatx347 Jan 30 at 18:34
The issue you're having is that you never explain how you connect to the database instance. Which client are you using? Is it SQL Developer or the SQLPlus CLI or the Oracle Enterprise manager. It's like the single quote is not escaped properly. –  Aphzol Jan 30 at 18:36
@goodgirlatx347 - what you've used in the question is fine; if you have your SQL*Plus session using a font that displays a single quote (') as if it's a 'smart' quote (’) it will look odd but doesn't matter. Most people use a monospace font for coding to make things neater - Consolas, for example, which is the default font used for code here - including making columns line up, making quotes straight, and being able to distinguish a capital O from 0. –  Alex Poole Jan 30 at 19:18

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SELECT company, city 
FROM customer 
WHERE city in ( 'Sunnyvale', 'Redwood City');
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this is probably a weird question. but when i go and use the '' in Oracle, it only curves to the left, so I'm unable to close the city name... –  goodgirlatx347 Jan 30 at 18:28
Weird indeed. What kind of client are you using? –  Simon Krenger Jan 30 at 20:57

try this:

SELECT Distinct company, city 
FROM customer 
WHERE city = 'Sunnyvale' or  city ='Redwood City';

if this is not working, you need to use this statement to show your table structure, if you are sure of creating the table structure

DESCRIBE customer;

it suppose to bring the table info

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this worked! thank you so much! –  goodgirlatx347 Jan 30 at 19:15
and thank you everyone for your help! :) Have a good day. cheers! –  goodgirlatx347 Jan 30 at 19:19

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