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I have an array of objects and every object respond to the 'order' method.

I can write the method

objects = Objects.all
objects.each do |i|
 puts i.order

but I'm not sure the order is correct. Is there any fast way to iterate my array following the right order of every object?

Update: real case.

class Articles < ActiveRecord::Base
 as_many :article_pages

a = Article.find(2345)
pages = a.article_pages
pages.each ...
pages.first.order = 1
pages.last.order = 5

I need to iterate in my pages following order...


doesn't work

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right order means ? –  Arup Rakshit Jan 30 at 19:08
my objects are saved in the db with an order. So if I call object.order i obtain 1,2,3,4,5 etc. I need that the iteration follow this order. –  Roberto Pezzali Jan 30 at 19:10
Is this a rails question ? –  Arup Rakshit Jan 30 at 19:10
no, I'm using Sinatra with ActiveRecord –  Roberto Pezzali Jan 30 at 19:17
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By default, ActiveRecord will not guarantee any order. To change that, use:

a = Article.find(2345)
pages = a.article_pages.order('order asc')

to order by a column. Switch asc to desc to order in descending order.

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I edited the question adding the real case. –  Roberto Pezzali Jan 30 at 19:18
Updated solution. Next time paste the code you actually tried, rather than changing it up after the fact. –  Peter Bratton Jan 30 at 19:20
Are you sure about "By default, ActiveRecord will order by primary key in ascending order."? If there's no ORDER BY sent to the database then you'll often get them back in PK order but no particular order is guaranteed unless you give the database an explicit ORDER BY clause. –  mu is too short Jan 30 at 20:26
Edited. Good catch, its the underlying DB that decides what the default sort order is. –  Peter Bratton Jan 30 at 20:32
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You can use sort option in case you want it in ascending only

a = Article.find(2345)
pages = a.article_pages.all.sort_by &:order
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