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I have a curl command that works well, but I need to automate this in a ruby script,

curl cmd:

curl -u usrname:pwd -X POST --data "del=false&val=100" http://localhost:1111/sample/path

I wrote the following code:

uri = URI::HTTPS.build(:host => "localhost", :port => 1111)
uri.path = URI.escape("/sample/path")
client = Net::HTTP.new("localhost", "1111")
req = Net::HTTP::Post.new(uri.request_uri, {"User-Agent" => "UA"})
req.set_form_data({"del" => "false", "val" => "100"})
req.basic_auth("usrname", "pwd")
res = client.request(req)

The above code is working, I had a encoded url that I was passing to URI.escape, that made me post this question about bad response. Foud the issue and fixed it :)

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you can execute the curl command directly from ruby

usrname = "username"
pwd = "pwd"
val = 100
del= false
http_path = "http://localhost:1111/sample/path"
puts `curl -u #{usrname}:#{pwd} -X POST --data "del=#{del}&val=#{va}" #{http_path}`

and the back ticks will execute the system curl

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I am looking to do a http post in ruby instead of making to do a system call for curl –  user1810502 Jan 30 '14 at 22:38

You can use curb

c = Curl::Easy.new

c.http_auth_types = :basic
c.username = 'usrname'
c.password = 'pwd'

c.http_post("http://localhost:1111/sample/path", "del=false&val=100")
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