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I have a list of documents and I want to find (term -> termCount) pairs over all the documents. Here is how I am doing it:

object termCount extends App {

  val docs = List(
    List("A", "B", "C", "C"),
    List("A", "D"),
    List("B", "B", "C"))

  val countsMap = docs.flatMap { ts =>
    val m =, 1)).groupBy(_._1) { e => e._1 -> e._2.foldLeft(0)(_ + _._2) }
    .map { e => e._1 -> e._2.foldLeft(0)(_ + _._2) }




Map(D -> 1, A -> 2, C -> 3, B -> 3)

To break it down into operations, what I am doing is:

  • generating tuples of (term, 1)

    val m =, 1)).groupBy(_._1)
  • calculating the document-local termCount e => e._1 -> e._2.foldLeft(0)(_ + _._2)

  • generating a Map of document-local (term -> termCount) entries

  • flattening this map back to tuples (term, termCount) across all documents

  • also again doing a foldLeft to get global termcounts

My question is, how can I make this code more concise?

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This is pretty concise:

scala> docs.flatten.groupBy(identity).map { case (k,vs) => (k,vs.size)}
res0: scala.collection.immutable.Map[String,Int] = Map(D -> 1, A -> 2, C -> 3, B -> 3)

One thing that would help out your original code is that you are performing the same foldLeft operation at two different levels: first on each sublist, then on the whole thing. You could instead flatten the collection into one big list so you only have to do it once:

Btw: here's a foldLeft way:

docs.flatten.foldLeft(Map.empty[String,Int]){ case (z,x) => z.updated(x, z.getOrElse(x,0) + 1) }
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