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I am using Azoff's Overscroll jquery plugin: WATCH IT HERE

And i wrote this code, but seems not working:

var PlanetRefreshTimeSec = 1;//planet refresh time in seconds..

    function loadData() {

            cache: false

        var updateScrollPosition = function() {
            var div = $('#show_planet_realtime');

        $("#show_planet_realtime").load("../in/GameEngine/RealTimeRender.php?p=<?php echo $player; ?>", updateScrollPosition, function () {
            setTimeout( function () {
            }, PlanetRefreshTimeSec * 1000);
    $( function () {

All i want to do is to keep map position, while this map is automaticaly refresh content with .load(). I heard its done with jquery cookie plugin, so I tried it too:

            o = $("#my_planet").overscroll({
                cancelOn: '.no-drag',
                scrollLeft: 200,
                scrollTop: 100,
                drag: function () {
                    var cookie_value = JSON.stringify($(this).offset());
                    $.cookie('newPosition', cookie_value, {
                        expires: 7
            }).on('overscroll:dragstart overscroll:dragend overscroll:driftstart overscroll:driftend', function(event){

            if ($.cookie('newPosition')) {
                    top: JSON.parse($.cookie('newPosition')).top,
                    left: JSON.parse($.cookie('newPosition')).left


But its not working though.. Like I said before, I have exact Azoff's Overscroll jquery map and I want to save it's position, while refreshing whole page or that map is refreshing it's content.. This problem is in my head about two weeks :( Thank you for your advice.

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This might be a timing/racing issue - you're trying to get the height of the div while it's empty. Consider delaying the start of the scrollTop function call. Maybe try replacing div.scrollTop(div.height()); with setTimeout(function(){div.scrollTop(div.height())},200);.

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thanks for respond, but i tried it, no luck :( it seems your code wrong :( my whole div doesnt load. –  dehood Jan 30 '14 at 20:33
Does the div load if you don't change that line? –  MjrKusanagi Jan 30 '14 at 21:02
Your code, I think is good, i just copied wrong :) I think problem is in this line $("#show_planet_realtime").load("../in/GameEngine/RealTimeRender.php?p=<?php echo $player; ?>", updateScrollPosition, function () { –  dehood Jan 30 '14 at 22:16

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