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Following an echonest api tutorial that pulls images when you search for an artist. Trying to get the images to fade in once they load. All the jQuery attempts so far seem to break it, don't really know what I'm doing.

info("Fetching images for " + artist);
$.getJSON(url, args,
    function(data) {
        if (! ('images' in data.response)) {
            error("Can't find any images for " + artist);
        } else {
            $.each(data.response.images, function(index, item) {
                var div = formatItem(index, item);
            info("Showing " + data.response.images.length + " of " + data.response.total + " images for " + artist);
    function() {
        error("Trouble getting blog posts for " + artist);

displays images

function formatItem(which, item) {
    var img = $("<div>");
    img.addClass("image-container span3");
    img.css("background-image", "url(" +item.url + ")");

    var attribution = $("<span class='label'>")

        function(evt) {
        function(evt) {
    return img;
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If you were actually using img tags you could listen for the load event to fade them in. But I don't think css background-images fire the load event. –  Jason P Jan 30 at 20:55
You could potentially start by loading them in an img then use that load event to remove the img and fade in the actual element. It wouldn't add much to the page –  Zach Saucier Jan 30 at 23:23

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