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I am very frustrated right now, so please excuse me if I seem tense...

I've been trying to get the value from a text input, but for some stupid reason, it's not working. Essentially, and this is very simple, I have a text input. The user types inside of the input, and I'd expect the .value property to change (which chrome says it does), but when I click to save it, and read my JSON output of the whole ordeal, it returns as a blank string.

Here's the HTML for this bit:

<input id="eventName" name="efrm" type="text" value="" />
<button type="button" id="okEvent">Save Event</button>

Here's the JS that you'll need to see:

document.querySelector("#okEvent").addEventListener("mousedown", applyEvent(event), false);
function applyEvent(event) {

var eventName = document.querySelector("#eventName").value; = {
    name: eventName,
    img: null,
    type: 1,
    fov: 0,
    orientaion: 1,
    trigger: 1


The JSON output says that the name property of the object is an empty string, though. I'm really not understanding what's going on here.

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You are calling applyEvent immediately and pass the return value to addEventListener (which is undefined). Since the input element doesn't have a value yet at that moment, .value will return an empty string.

Pass a function instead:

....addEventListener("mousedown", function() {
}, false);

(I don't know where event is coming from in your code, but I assume it is a custom object, not the actual event object).

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Yes, event is a custom object of mine. Let me go test this code really quick... – Nick Jan 30 '14 at 20:58
Yes, it worked! Thank you very much. Stack overflow said I have to wait 7 minutes to accept the answer, but I will when the time comes. Thanks! – Nick Jan 30 '14 at 21:00

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