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How to get the cookie's birthday/time in PHP?

The cookie itself contains other data, so was wondering if there is a way to get the exact date and h:m:s when it was created without having to create a second cookie just to hold that information?

I searched but too much interference with the other keywords: set, time, cookie, date that's showing answers, but not to this question.

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What is the problem with creating additional cookies? Why do you want to avoid that? –  J. Rahmati Jan 31 at 18:02
Making sure I haven't missed any new advances in cookie technology first. :) –  NickNo Feb 1 at 1:48
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What you can do is to create an array, serialize that array to a string and store the serialized string inside the cookie:

$mycookieArray = array('cookiedata'=>'some data','creationTime'=>new DateTime());
$mycookiedata = serialize($mycookieArray);

Then, everytime you want to load the correct you have to unserialize the array from the cookiedata:

$mycookieArray = unserialize($mycookiedata);
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You are assuming I am allowed to change the original cookie, but alas, with that power comes great responsibility I was told that takes years to earn. :( –  NickNo Jan 30 at 22:29
Thanks, I will give it a day or two, if no one thinks of anything better I will check you off. –  NickNo Jan 31 at 0:22
Sorry, even what I commented earlier wasn't a correct reference. (i.e. metadata for a specific cookie vs global cookie settings)! According to this SO link, only name and value are stored! –  J. Rahmati Jan 31 at 18:00
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