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I know how to force forms to appear on the same monitor as the running application, but I do not see how to ask the Help or the Printer Setup dialogs to display on the same monitor. The Help displays where it displayed last time, but we want it to show up on the application monitor. The Printer Setup dialog always seems to appear on the primary monitor

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Passing the parent form's Handle to TPrinterSetupDialog.Execute seems to do the trick.

if PrinterSetupDialog1.Execute(Self.Handle) then

Using Delphi 7 (where the TPrinterSetupDialog.Execute does not accept a parameter), you have two choices.

The easiest would be to create your own descendant of TPrinterSetupDialog. Execute is virtual in TCommonDialog, the ancestor of TPrinterSetupDialog, where it is overridden. You could override it in your own descendant, use the code in the TPrinterSetupDialog as a basis for your own Execute override, adding overload as well. Your overloaded Execute would accept a ParentHandle: HWND parameter, and set the PrintDlgRec.hWndOwner to that provided window handle.

I thought about trying to write this for you (or at least get it started), but there are additional things you'd have to copy from the Dialogs unit (functions that are defined in the implementation section that wrap some API calls, and the callback function that's used for the dialog's message loop), and I don't have D7 available where I'm at to even try to compile it.

The other alternative (as David Heffernan mentioned in his comment below) would be to call the Windows API PrintDlgEx directly yourself. This is discussed in MSDN, in the Print Dialog Box (Windows) topic. Once again, I don't have D7 available, so I can't really give you an example of using it from Delphi. (I checked, and don't have one tucked away anywhere.)

I'm not sure you can set the help window's position; I think that's done automatically by Windows based on the user's prior use. (I haven't been able to so so, anyway.)

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Thanks. In Delphi 7, TPrinterSetupDialog.Execute does not take a parameter... – jon bondy Jan 30 '14 at 22:38
Thanks, but you tagged your question Delphi 2007, which does. :-) – Ken White Jan 30 '14 at 22:39
Right you are! My confusion! The Help issue is under Delphi 2007. The Printer Setup issue is inside a DLL that is invoked from the Delphi 2007 app; unfortunately (?!?), the DLL is written in Delphi 7. – jon bondy Jan 30 '14 at 23:18
And you can't recompile the DLL under 2007? They're pretty much directly compatible. – Ken White Jan 30 '14 at 23:22
If you cannot recompile then you may need to invoke the common dialog directly win win32 code and pass hwndOwner. +1 – David Heffernan Jan 31 '14 at 7:22

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