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I am trying to run the pushtest sample that ships with the iOS SDK. In the .m file I have replaced the org name, app name and notifier name( which I have named 'apple'). I have the provisioning set up for my iPad. When I run the code, I don't see any window asking me to allow push notifications. On clicking the push to this device, the terminal spits out this error:

    2014-01-30 14:04:20.525 Push Test[2970:60b] displaying alert. title: Error, message: {"error":"unauthorized","timestamp":1391119457656,"duration":0,"exception":"org.apache.shiro.authz.UnauthorizedException","error_description":"Subject does not have permission [applications:post:ed031740-7e90-11e3-a906-25e89414fcd7:/notifications]"}

I believe this is because the app has not obtained push permission, however, the alert window asking for this was not presented in the first case. How can I fix this?

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Did you put valid values for orgName, appName, and notifier variables in AppDelegate.m? – Paul Dardeau Jan 30 '14 at 22:39

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This is an indication that your request requires authentication and you're not authorized to access the endpoint.

Push notifications out of the box require authentication - either an access_token (recommended) or client_id/secret. Try including the access_token in your header (instructions here).

If you want to disable authentication, you can add the GUEST role to /notifications (instructions here).

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You need to give permissions to your application role:

curl -X POST " -d '{"name":"nameforrole","title":"titleforrole","permission" : "GET,PUT,POST,DELETE:/users/me/**"}'

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