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Is it possible to auto-format your code in Dreamweaver like in Visual Studio (ctrl+k+d)

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10 Answers 10

A quick Google search turns up these two possibilities:

  • Commands > Apply Formatting
  • Commands > Clean up HTML
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What about options for formatting JavaScript code? i can't find any – Awais Umar Jun 14 '14 at 4:11

Commands > Apply Source Formatting.

Works a treat.

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doesnt work for javascript files it seems. is there a workaround? – Manticore Jul 24 '13 at 15:40

Following works perfectly for me: -*click on COMMAND and click on APPLY SOURCE FORMATTING - *And click on Clean Up HTML

Thank you PEKA

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This is the only thing I've found for JavaScript formatting in Dreamweaver. Not many options, but it seems to work well.

JavaScript source format extension for dreamweaver: Adobe CFusion

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excellent source reference! – Lizz Nov 4 '12 at 20:48

that one would not work if you're editing javascript file inside dreamweaver even dreamweaver cs5 has no option to do it.


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And for JavaScript source format you can use Dreamweaver JavaScript source formatting extension.(available on adobe)

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Please also provide link to the resource you are forwarding at – Abdul Jabbar WebBestow Dec 29 '14 at 11:02

Auto formatting can be done by

  • Select View > Code View Options
  • Click the View Options button enter image description here in the toolbar at the top of Code view or the Code inspector.

Auto Indent Makes your code indent automatically when you press Enter while writing code.


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Please click on "edit" -> then keyboard shortcuts. It`s straight forward from there. Just select the command from the list, and press the + button.

You will need to create a duplicate set, then select it again from the list. And finally set a keyboard shortcut!

Now, before saving, press the shortcut you just created!

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Coding toolbar (Edit > Toolbars > Coding) and select Code Format Settings to set your preferred formatting.

You can also access the formatting option from Commands > Apply Source Formatting or only apply it to a select block of code by selecting the Apply Source Formatting to Selection option.

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ctrl+a->(click)commands->cleanup word HTML

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