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if i load('mypage.htm') into <div id="placeMyContentHere">

do i need to put JQuery in "mypage.htm". I'm using color box ( of light box ike) on my child page. If i add jquery.js & colorbox.js into mypage.htm it works. Though i can't helping thinking there is better way.

Here is how i normally call colorbox

$(document).ready(function() {

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Use load's callback function to re-initialise colorbox, there is no need for a $(document).ready(... in the content you are injecting into your div, e.g.:

$("#placeMyContentHere").load('mypage.htm', function() {
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You don need to include jquery and colorbox in child page. You are changing the DOM object therefore use jquery live

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No, you should only include your javascript libraries (jQuery and plugins) once; on the main page.

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