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If I have a grid on a normal page I can do the following and the event handler is called numerous times.

<Grid ManipulationDelta="My_ManipulationDelta" />

If instead, I add it to a longlistselector, it's called few times and the value is usually the same each time

<phone:LongListSelector ManipulationDelta="My_ManipulationDelta" />

I've also tried adding it to the itemtemplate, which had the same results:

             Text="{Binding}" />

Is there a work around or another event or some part of the LongListSelector that can give me information about touch movements of the user - specifically movement along the Y-axis?

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try to listen to ManipulationDelta event of LongListSelector's Item instead of LLS it self. – har07 Jan 30 '14 at 23:49
I've added it to the itemtemplate but it's still is only seldom rasied. – chriszorn Jan 30 '14 at 23:53

If ManipulationDelta="My_ManipulationDelta" doesn't work correct, you can try GestureListener.

        <toolkit:GestureListener DragDelta="GestureListener_DragDelta"/>

But it shows only delta between the event raises.

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