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How to get the File Directory of a file (C:\myfolder\subfoler\mydoc.pdf). I also want to add the size of the subfolders, and finally the main folder size. This is for a .NET CLR that I need to integrate with SQL Server 2005 for a SSRS report.


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You can use GetDirectoryName, to get only the directory path of the file:

using System.IO;
string directoryName = Path.GetDirectoryName(@"C:\myfolder\subfolder\mydoc.pdf");
// directoryName now contains "C:\myfolder\subfolder"

For calculating the directory and subdirectory size, you can do something like this:

public static long DirSize(DirectoryInfo d) 
    long Size = 0;    
    // Add file sizes.
    FileInfo[] fis = d.GetFiles();
    foreach (FileInfo fi in fis) 
        Size += fi.Length;    
    // Add subdirectory sizes.
    DirectoryInfo[] dis = d.GetDirectories();
    foreach (DirectoryInfo di in dis) 
        Size += DirSize(di);   
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I have a problem with the long Data Type when integrating this with SQL Server Assembly. Any replacement for long that is compatible with SQL Server? – MarlonRibunal Oct 18 '08 at 7:11
Long is what you should use in your C# code - you need to find the most appropriate data type to match it to in the db. I can't check now, but I'm positive there's an appropriate 64 bit integer type. – Jon Skeet Oct 18 '08 at 7:19
Right, Long can be mapped to SQL as BigInt type, 64 bit integer... – CMS Oct 18 '08 at 7:25
I'm getting error "CREATE FUNCTION for "DirSize" failed because T-SQL and CLR types for parameter "@dir" do not match." My CREATE Function Statement is: CREATE FUNCTION DirSize(@dir VARCHAR(MAX)) RETURNS BIGINT EXTERNAL NAME getdirsize.ShowDirSize.DirSize getdirsize is the name of my sql assembly – MarlonRibunal Oct 18 '08 at 7:44
It looks like the datatype problem is with the "dir" parameter, presumably the string path, rather than with the number. Are you passing it the right thing? – Khoth Oct 18 '08 at 8:40

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