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I accidently removed a hosted snapshot repository from Nexus containing a few artifacts needed by other developers on my team. Fine, I'll be able to recreate it fairly easy, but when I tried to add the repository again with the same name as the one I removed, the "Upload Artifact" tab did not show. I tried to clean the cache and reindex the public and public snapshot repos, but that didn't help. I also tried setting an alternative storage path by entering an alternative path on "Override Local Storage Location", same result. Will I have to create a brand new repository with a different name and change all repository reference in my projects?

Thanks, David

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You should be able to create the new repo without any problem. It's possible you where inheriting permissions to this repo via a group and when you made the new repo you didn't add it to the group.

Also, all delete operations in Nexus simply move files to the sonatype-work/nexus/trash so you could have just copied all those files back directly on the disk after recreating the repo.

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I think I noticed that snapshot repositories do not have the Artifact Upload tab, so possibly you created it as a snapshot repo?

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