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A month or so ago, I came across a very comprehensive and apparently highly-regarded step by step guide to refactoring, and renaming files and projects in Xcode. I thought for sure I had bookmarked it, but evidently not. I've done several searches for it and came up empty.

Can someone please point me toward it? I know similar questions have been asked and answered, but the particular post I'm looking for seemed to be regarded by many as the definitive guide.


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You can use refactor feature of Xcode :-

enter image description here and rename class.

enter image description here

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Just press return on the file name which you need to rename and then change it..

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I hope i will help you to rename files in XCODE –  SVMRAJESH Jan 31 at 4:25
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OK, here's the post I was looking for:

Duplicate and rename Xcode project & associated folders

And here is an update testing this process in Xcode 5:


Many thanks to those who replied!

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