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When I type this:


Sublime automatically writes this:


It's annoying because I usually write like this:


And then go inside the brackets and fill the tag out, but as soon as I type /, Sublime does this:


Very non-intuitive and specific to certain habits of certain coders (which could easily be resolved by checking to see if a > is already present).

Anyway, how can I disable this automation? "auto_complete": false didn't do it.

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Have you tried Textedit.app or Notepad.exe? I believe they suit this type of workflow. –  Michael Pasqualone Jan 31 at 4:39
I would love to use Sublime if I could just resolve this one issue. –  user2840753 Jan 31 at 4:48
All good mate, just a tongue in cheek comment. You have an odd style which very few people would follow. May I ask what benefit you get out of doing it this way? The problem I could see is you could potentially leave an ominous "<>" tag laying around when forgotten about. –  Michael Pasqualone Jan 31 at 4:51
I also write both parentheses before I write the content inside them. It's going to absolutely be required without any volatility at the end so I just write it now. Also, the likelihood of leaving a <> laying around is no more likely than forgetting a closing ". –  user2840753 Jan 31 at 5:25
You know you can do HTML code completion like this, right? youtube.com/watch?v=vyc2-C_rEkM (26 sec video I made you). Find more here: docs.emmet.io/cheat-sheet. The pull of Sublimetext for most people is creating the key bindings that suit you are dead simple. –  Michael Pasqualone Jan 31 at 5:45

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Tags are automatically being closed on you. To disable this, add the following User settings:

"auto_close_tags": false

The auto_complete setting is specifically referring to the completion popup window that you see as you type. So you probably want this to remain enabled.

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This did it. Yay, thank you. –  user2840753 Jan 31 at 4:49

Auto complete can be disabled with the auto_complete setting. To disable it, add this line to Preferences/File Settings - User:

"auto_complete": false

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I tried that, but it just removed the drop-down menu that shows up when you start typing. Maybe this is just a premanent feature in Sublime? –  user2840753 Jan 31 at 4:47
@user2840753 Remove your auto_complete: false setting. You only want the auto_complete: false setting. –  Michael Pasqualone Jan 31 at 4:49
True, but I wanted that feature removed as well. :) –  user2840753 Jan 31 at 4:53

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