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What's the problem here?:

get 'cars/index'                             <- works
get 'carsBLAH/index'                         <- Breaks!
get 'cars'        to: 'cars#index'           <- works

I assume it's some kind of rails magic / sugar, but I can't find anything about this type of situation.


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When you define:

get 'carsBLAH/index'

By default Rails looks for index action within CarsBLAHsController. It would break if:

  1. CarsBLAHsController is not defined.
  2. CarsBLAHsController exists but index method is not defined.

You could specify the controller and action to execute for a route with:

# executes CarsController#index
get 'carsBLAH/index', to: 'cars#index'

Suggest reading Rails Routing from the Outside In for details.

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Ohhh, I see now... I thought there was something special about stacking the cars and cars/index routes in routes.rb. What's actually happening is each line is independent, and the only reason cars/index doesn't need a to: is because cars#index happens to exist. Thanks a bunch. –  Patrick Jan 31 at 5:00

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