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I have integrated my own design into the opencart product page in the frontend. I have been trying to open the review tab when the user select 'Write a review' link. But i am not able to do so. Here's my code

This is the write review link.

div class="review-write-cmnt"><a onclick="$('a[href=\'#tab-review\']').trigger('click');" style="cursor:pointer;"><?php echo $text_write; ?></a></div>

This is the code for tabs.

<ul class="tabs" data-persist="true">
        <li><a href="#tab-description"><?php echo $tab_description; ?></a></li>

        <li><?php if ($attribute_groups) { ?>
            <a href="#tab-attribute"><?php echo $tab_attribute; ?></a>
            <?php } ?>
        <li><?php if ($review_status) { ?>
            <a href="#tab-review"><?php echo $tab_review; ?></a>
            <?php } ?>

Can someone please help me out on what to write in the onclick() of write review link.

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What is your JS console saying? Didn't you mistakenly remove JS script $('.tabs').tabs();??? – shadyyx Jan 31 '14 at 8:59
it is still there and the console is not giving error or so. Actually the design goes something like this ` <div class="tab-contain"> <div class="tab-system"> <ul class="tabs" .... > <li> . . . </ul> <div class = "tabcontents"> <div id = "tab-description> . . . . </div> ` i think i have to use the parent-children logic to get this done. but not finding the exact way – saurabh Jan 31 '14 at 9:15

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