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i m using DHTMLX scheduler. i want to display events based on search criteria. i coded for filtering events bt i m unable to get event name in combobox from database. how i can retrieve event names from mysql on front page.

my code for filtering event

scheduler.filter_week = function(id, event)
    if( == 'New event')
        return false; // event will be filtered (not rendered)
        return true; // event will be rendered

how to retrieve event name ? any suggestions ?

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What exactly do you want to archive? How to load data/items in your combobox from you server side? – endofsource Feb 4 '14 at 17:13
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If you need a server-side search, you have to reload scheduler events each time search value has changed

function search(value){

    scheduler.load("data source url" + "?search=" + encodeURIComponent(value));
   //you may need to handle scenario when user has already typed some other criteria, by the time data is loaded

And do appropriate search on the server based on 'search' request parameter. If you use such approach, you may not need client-side filters.

However, if you load all events to the page initially, client-side search could be much more responsive, as user won't have to wait until each new portion of data is loaded.

function search(value){

    scheduler.filter_week = function(id, event){
        var haystack = ( || "").toLowerCase(),
            needle = (value || "").toLowerCase();

        return haystack.indexOf(needle) != -1;

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