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I'd like to put unmodifiable wrappers around some of the Trove collections: I've checked the Trove documentation and I cannot seem to find an easy way to do it (I may have overlooked something obvious).

So as of now every time I need such an unmodifiable wrapper I'm extending the Trove collection (for example TIntLongHashMap) and delegating all the read-only calls to the Trove wrapped subject and throwing an UnsupportedOperationException in every method that tries to modify the collection.

Is there an easier way?

Note: this question is not about the default Java collections and, in this case, I'm not interested at all neither in the default Java collections nor in other Java collections: this question is specifically about Trove.

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There is no way to do this with the Trove API, only with the decorators.

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The accepted answer was correct at the time, but for anyone looking to do the same, Trove 3 now supports this via the TCollections class.


TIntLongMap myMap = new TIntLongHashMap();
TIntLongMap myUnmodifiableMap = TCollections.unmodifiableMap(myMap);

myUnmodifiableMap.put(1, 2L); // throws UnsupportedOperationException
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