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I am getting a remote media stream in which both audio and video resides. In this stream i am getting mono audio while i need stereo audio.

So how can i convert mono audio to stereo audio using Web Audio API

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I am not a hundred percent sure, but this might work with the channel merger node. You just connect a gainnode to both input 1 and 2. (call .connect twice).

Edit (I have time now, so a more complete answer):

Do you really receive one channel audio, as webAudio should mix that automatically, according to this document, which states: For example, if a mono audio stream is connected to a stereo input it should just mix to left and right channels appropriately.. If you receive a stereo stream, where only one channel contains data, you will need to split this up in two channels, and then connect the channel with the audio to both left and right: (working example here)

gain = context.createGain();
splitter = context.createChannelSplitter();
merger = context.createChannelMerger();


What happens on the merger and splitter is that when you call .connect, you take the next channel, but you just want to take the first channel, and then split that. So we route that to a gain node, and split it from there:

                +----------------+    +----+     +------------------+ 
+----------+    |    Splitter    |    |gain|     |  Merger          |
|mono input|--->|       channel0 |--->|    |---->| channel0 (left)  |   +-----------+
+----------+    |       channel1 |    |    |     |                  |-->|destination|
                |       etc      |    |    |---->| channel1 (right) |   +-----------+
                +----------------+    +----+     +------------------+ 
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