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I want to execute a command from a C++ application. I do so using:

system("sendEmail.exe -f someone@somewhere.com -t ...");

This works on Windows Server 2008 and also on other systems. However, it does not work the same on my new server (Windows Server 2012), it seems to call the command but never completes. If I type the exact same command in a command window it works just fine.

I tried using

system("cmd.exe /C \"sendEmail.exe -f someone@somewhere.com -t ...\""); 

but that did not help.

Anyone has an idea whats the difference between calling from C++ with system and running in a cmd?

Edit: The problem is not reproducible any more. Thanks for the fast answers

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This seems more like a scripting job. –  legends2k Jan 31 at 7:40
Maybe its executed in different user context. –  mindo Jan 31 at 7:41
Different environment (Path) ? –  Dieter Lücking Jan 31 at 7:42
Thanks for all the comments, unfortunately the problem is now not reproducible any more. In the meantime I integrated the email client frome here into my code. –  lyron Jan 31 at 12:32

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Try with


without parameters This will just open a cmd window and leave it open. From that window you can call sendMail.exe and see what's happening. Perhaps there's just a different path setting or a permission issue.

As an alternative you can use the Windows Api function CreateProcess

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This should help you - most likely windows UAC giving you problems. –  Elemental Jan 31 at 8:21
I tried CreateProcess, this also did not work. –  lyron Jan 31 at 12:09
What does CreateProcess() return? If false, what does GetLastError() return? Did you try with system("cmd.exe") and calling your program manually from that window? What happened? –  sb9 Jan 31 at 12:12
doing it in the window created by system("cmd.exe") worked. –  lyron Jan 31 at 12:26
Now it also works directly. It is not reproducible any more. Thanky for all the comments. –  lyron Jan 31 at 12:33

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