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I am going with KDD cup 99 data set for my project of "Intrusion Detection using neural network". But it is too old now. So, Is there any new data set available rather than KDD Cup'99 or DARPA 1998.

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Short answer no.

That is if you want one provided by a big organization like DARPA.

For some reason the KDD99 is still THE standard benchmarc in 90% of the reasearch papers on intrusion detection. Having said that it is far from perfect. In my opiniion it should be included anyway for reasons of completeness and for comparison with older ID methods.

If you are interested in security and intrusion detection in general there are some interesting datasets that any researcher on the field should consider.

Android Malware Dataset (requires registration)

UNIBS University of Brescia dataset



All are published post 2009.

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Apart from the above datasets there are also the following:

VELOS Dataset - It contains a large variety of attacks and can be used either for testing or evaluation of intrusion detection systems.

Kyoto2006+ - Its features are approximately the same as KDD Cup 99

LBNL/ICSI Enterprise Tracing - Aims to represent the real traffic that exists in corporate networks.

CDX 2009 - Traffic that was originated from rookits that were created by NSA.

ISOT Botnet 2010 - Contains normal and malicious traffic. Storm and Waledac Botnets used for an implementation of Honeynet Project.

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