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I am a user of mpd which come from licensed package.

However, I am trying to clone the machine for increasing my parallel computational scope. The action give me a problem of alarm clock, which is I guess related to the licence.

My scientific software require an processor management package like mpd.

Therefore I am looking from the literature and stumble upon MPICH Hydra which is free.

Is that possible to replace mpd function with MPICH HYDRA? Do they provide the same functions? Are there any drawbacks? Thanks

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Any clues or comments are welcomed. –  Santosa Sandy Jan 31 at 9:06

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Yes, it is possible to replace MPD with hydra. Hydra is the launcher that's been used by MPICH for a couple of years now.

It probably won't be a straight swap in terms of API, but all of the functionality from MPD should be there with ought the headache of having to set up daemons before launching, etc.

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Thank you @Wesley Bland –  Santosa Sandy Jan 31 at 16:23

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