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I am trying to use fullscreen in IE11 using Bigscreen.js. But IE11 doesnt listen to "MSFullscreenChange" event.

document.addEventListener("MSFullscreenChange", function () {
          if (document.msFullscreenElement != null) {
              console.info("Went full screen");
          } else {
              console.info("Exited full screen");              

Putting this in console, it prints nothing on fullscreen. What is the alternate way to detect this event?

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Would this be of any help: stackoverflow.com/questions/16069548/… – Hazaart Jan 31 '14 at 8:45
That hack doesnt work with IE11 – sonam Jan 31 '14 at 9:16

If I navigate to http://brad.is/coding/BigScreen/, launch F12 Developer Tools, paste your script into the console, and click the “Run script” button, clicking the demo image displays the "Went full screen" message in the console as expected.

When pasting multiline scripts in the console, you have to click the “Run script” button or press Ctrl + Enter to actually submit the script for execution. Just pressing the Enter key inserts a newline in the script. Alternatively, you can change the script to be single-line. In this case, pressing the Enter key will submit the script for execution.

Disclosure: I am on the team that worked on Microsoft's implementation of the Fullscreen API.

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