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I have a requirement on highcharts that when I click on the chart it should draw a point.Currently I'm drawing lines between the clicked points.But I want also point marker where it is clicked. Here is my code to add custom lines on highcharts-

var all_points= []; 
var all_str="";

chart: {
    events: {
        click: function(event) {
var x1=event.xAxis[0].value;

var y1=event.yAxis[0].value;                                




type : 'line',
name : 'Trendline'+(j++),
id: 'trend',    
data: JSON.parse("[" + all_str + "]"),                                                                  

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Please create a jsfiddle for the same and share with us. – A Paul Jan 31 '14 at 9:44
Take look at the chart – Sebastian Bochan Jan 31 '14 at 10:00

I think you can use the below. Though I am not sure what chart you are using.

click: function(e) {
    var x = e.xAxis[0].value,
    y = e.yAxis[0].value,
    series = this.series[0];
    series.addPoint([x, y]);
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