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I am working in an Android application that is using an Apache server to recover information from a MySQL database with PHP. I do not know the proper way to manage situations where the request to the database is returning 0 records. In this case I want to minimize as much as possible the process. So far I can only figure out two ways: 1.- Return an specific XML format and then it is managed by the client. So when this find a specific tags knows there is not records in the database. I do not like this solution because I would like to catch the issue before I parse the XML. The PHP code for this would be something like this.

include ("common_function.php");

//Make database connection

//set el cotejamiento
mysqli_query($mysqli,"SET NAME 'utf8'");

//sentence sql
$list_news_sql="SELECT new_title, new_body, new_create_time FROM table_news ORDER BY new_create_time DESC";
//results sql query
$list_news_sql_result = mysqli_query($mysqli, $list_news_sql) or die (mysqli_error($mysqli));

if(mysqli_num_rows($list_news_sql_result) < 1){
$message = "<empty>No records</empty>;
echo $message;

    //First parmenter MUST be send AFTER the request is done
    $xml_output = mysql_XML($mysqli,$list_news_sql_result,"news","new");
        echo $xml_output;

2- Force the server to send an error message and ctach up it before I parse the xml. To make it I do not know if it is possible to use exit(400) or something like that and the capture the message in the client with HttpUrlConnection.getResponseCode() using a sentence if()....else and take a decission before I start the parsing process

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You could have a look at my answer. As this is not a client error (4xx), I suggest using HTTP code 204 No Content. –  hgoebl Jan 31 at 10:07
@hgoebl I have changed the php based in your comment, so it is returning header("http/1.1 204 No content"); echo "no data"; I tink it will work for me. So thanks –  Javier Jan 31 at 12:35

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