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I'm trying to get the following perl script to work. First, a fastq-file is read, this file is then used to be analysed by a number of programs.


use warnings;
use PBS::Client;

$directory = $ARGV[0];

opendir(DIR, $directory);

while ($file = readdir(DIR)) {

        push(@files, $file);


@fastq_files = grep(/fastq/, @files);

$client = PBS::Client->new();

foreach $fastq (@fastq_files){

    @commands = ();
    $wd       = "/store/www/labresults_QC/snRNA_sequence_analyser/".$ARGV[0];
    $name     = $fastq."_process_map";
    $queue    = "system";
    $wallt    = "72:00:00";

    $fastq =~ /.+[^\.fastq]/;

    push (@commands, "/opt/fastx_toolkit- -q 30 -p 80 -i " . $fastq . " -o ";
    push (@commands, "/opt/fastx_toolkit- -i " . $& . "_qc.fastq -o " . $& . "_qc_clipped.fastq -v -l 15 -a TGGAATTCTCGGGTGCCAAGG -Q33\n");
    push (@commands, "/opt/fastx_toolkit- -i " . $& . "_qc_clipped.fastq -o " . $& . "_qc_clipped_collapse.fa -v -Q33\n");
    push (@commands, "/opt/bowtie-1.0.0/bowtie -f /opt/genomes/9606/GRCh37/bowtie/GRCh37 "  . $& . "_qc_clipped_collapse.fa " . $& . "_mapped.sam -k 100 -n 0 -l 25 --best");

    $job = PBS::Client::Job -> new(
        wd    => $wd,
        queue => $queue,
        name  => $name,
        wallt => $wallt,
        cmd   => [[@commands]]);

    $client -> qsub($job);


However, when trying to execute through a Linux commandline, it gives this error message:

open3: exec of /store/www/labresults_QC/snRNA_sequence_analyser/data/data_raw/test_run/n8XyeYIkfv failed at /store/bin/perl_libs/lib/perl5//PBS/Client.pm line 150

The error message points to this piece of code in the PBS Client module:

# Thanks to Sander Hulst
sub call_qsub
    my @args = @_;

    # If the qsub command fails, for instance, pbs_server is not running,
    # PBS::Client's qsub should not silently ignore. Disable any reaper
    # functions so the exit code can be captured
    use Symbol qw(gensym);
    use IPC::Open3;
    my $stdout = gensym();
    my $stderr = gensym();
        local $SIG{CHLD} = sub{};
        my $pid = open3(gensym, $stdout, $stderr, @args);   # This is line 150
    confess <$stderr> if ($?);
    return <$stdout>;

Anyone got a clue what this means?

After some investigation it seems that this line is failing: $client -> qsub($job); but I don't know why. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


So, we finally found the real cause of the problem. It turned out something went wrong in the latest installation of PBS::Client we did. So we reverted to an older version, and the problem was gone!

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Adding use strict; to the top of the file and declaring (with my) all the variables is highly recommended as it can prevent many simple errors. Have you looked at line 150 of the PBS Client module and at its documentation? Checking the code leading to line 150 should give some clues as to what is happening and why the error is reported. – AdrianHHH Jan 31 '14 at 12:28
I already did the use strict and my, but it sill gives this error. The line to which the error points doesn't make me any wiser as well... – Fingashpitzzz Jan 31 '14 at 12:35
I included the relevant code of PBS Client – Fingashpitzzz Jan 31 '14 at 12:38
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The module generates a script then tries to execute it without having made it executable. Workaround:

use PBS::Client qw( );
   my $orig_genScript = \&PBS::Client::genScript;
   my $new_genScript = sub {
      my $script_qfn = $orig_genScript->(@_);
      chmod(0700, $script_qfn) or die $!;
      return $script_qfn;

   no warnings 'redefine';
   *PBS::Client::genScript = $new_genScript;
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For people who don't know, this is an instance of monkey patching. – Brad Gilbert Feb 1 '14 at 6:34
Thanks ikegami, it does exactly the thing I was looking for. – Fingashpitzzz Feb 3 '14 at 9:13

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