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I have my server side implementation for sending Push notification and in the logs it is saying that it has successfully submitted the notification to APNS. but I am not able to retrieve the deviceId from the result PushedNotification. i.e. the the DeviceId from the PushedNotification is null.

Here is the below code:

List<String> rawIphoneDeviceIdList = new ArrayList<String>();

List<Device> deviceList = Devices.asDevices(rawIphoneDeviceIdList);

for(Device device : deviceList)

AppleNotificationServer server = new AppleNotificationServerBasicImpl(certificateFile, certificatePasswordKey, sendToProduction);
PushNotificationManager pushManager = new PushNotificationManager();

PushedNotifications notifications = pushManager.sendNotifications(payload, deviceList);

List<PushedNotification> successNotifications = notifications.getSuccessfulNotifications();

if(successNotifications != null && successNotifications.size() > 0 ) {
    log.trace("Success iPhone Push Notification Size: " + successNotifications.size());
    List<NotificationPacket> successNotificationPacketList = new ArrayList<NotificationPacket>();
    for(PushedNotification pushedNotification : successNotifications) {
        log.debug("Success PushedNotification Details :: " + pushedNotification + " for DeviceId: " + pushedNotification.getDevice().getDeviceId());


Here, as I said that the notification is successful but the deviceId from pushedNotification.getDevice().getDeviceId() is showing null.

below is the log:

Success iPhone Push Notification Size: 1
Success PushedNotification Details :: [1] transmitted {"aps":{"sound":"default","alert":"Hello world"}} on first attempt to token 23ece..65b56  ---> for DeviceId: null

Any idea why the deviceId is null in the result PushedNotification. do I need to get the token instead of deviceId like below?


NOTE: I don't know whether the notification is successfully reached to the end device or not.

But the problem is why I am not able to get the DeviceId details to which device I sent the notification?

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Check my answer… – Kumar KL Jan 31 '14 at 9:37
So you mean I need to get the token instead of deviceId. hence the below code should work: pushedNotification.getDevice().getToken() – Sandy Jan 31 '14 at 9:49

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