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hi there
im just wondering as I couldn't find an answer on google (well, maybe Ive been trying the wrong keywords here >.< )...
A thing I've always dreamt about was a stack/pile cut feature which remembers the - uhm, lets say - 10 last things I've cut out or copied for pasting... Is there such a feature and if so, what is it called?

furthermore - is there a possibility to include your own suggestions for autocompletion? I'm not asking for much, just e.g. a while(true) suggestion instead of or extending the default ones...

Probably this should be migrated to superuser, but Im quite uncertain as this is somehow more programming related...
Thanks ever so much :-)

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OK, the first part of the question I could answer myself:
there are templates (Prefs -> Java (or whatever) -> Editor -> Templates) where you can add your custom tags :-) quite fancy this one! (always wanted to type "forever" and get a for(;;) loop)...

so, I did some digging and found that some people refer to that kind of feature as a paste stack... for windows users clipX will do the trick for general use (as well as in an IDE). for the use in eclipse only the best I could come up with is ViPlugIn which enables a Vim-styled cut, copy & paste feature which gives you some registers where you can store your "pastries" :-)
unfortunately this doesn't come for free (it's 20USD) - will work (AFAIK) without a license but you will be prompted a "missing license" each time you start up eclipse...

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i use clipX, which is a very small en good working extension to your windows system – Salandur Jan 29 '10 at 20:04
well, i found that programm as well - but Im not working on a windows machine :-) – Gnark Jan 29 '10 at 20:12

The first feature you've meantioned is often called "Multiple Clipboards." I've found two plugins that do the job, but didn't like either. (IIRC neither could interact both ways with the system clipboard.)

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