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While writing onto NSStream Should i Rely on

'hasSpaceAvailable' method or the event in the 'handle:event' method


Or Should i check 'hasSpaceAvailable' if not available, i have to retry after a particular amount of time or should i wait till the delegate event to call till i begin to write?

As of now its working when i use hasSpaceAvailable and retry after some time dont know if its the right practice.

Any Help would be of much great.

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When you're about to send first piece of data use hasSpaceAvailable to determine whether stream is ready.

After sending some data you'll be getting stream:handleEvent: method called and there you should check if NSStreamEvent var is equal to NSStreamEventHasSpaceAvailable; then you can write more data to the stream, otherwise something is wrong or stream is full.

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So for the very first time i must use hasSpaceAvailable then on i can rely on the delegates itself? –  raghul Jan 31 '14 at 10:15
Yeah. I've done that in my project some time ago and it worked fine. –  Maciej Oczko Jan 31 '14 at 10:56

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