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RoboSpice service can be configured to be used offline (SampleOfflineSpiceService).

  1. Is it possible to achieve a per-request checking if network is required? E.g. LoadDataFromFileRequest don't use network, so network checking should be skipped for these request. All other requests should check for network.

  2. Is it recommended to have 2 implementation of SpiceService just for this?

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that's a good question no one came up earlier with.

I would say that you need 2 Robospice services to achieve this. The service that won't use default shared NetworkStateChecker should be a custom service.

I think latest release increased the ability to plug on different hooks and will ease this, but I am not sure you can actually really achieve it in current state of RS.

Please, open an issue on GitHub if this doesn't work. We also greatly appreciate pull requests.

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Thanks. I skimmed through the latest sources and also think that it can't be done yet. I'll take a look soon. –  user802421 Feb 11 '14 at 8:29
Go for a PR then, we would be glad to help. –  Snicolas Feb 11 '14 at 19:50

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