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i want to use an argument in the command line as an integer. I also want to use a try/catch block to check, if it is a correct input:

int i;
}catch(int e){
    printf("error: need integer\n");
    return 0;

But atoi seems to accept other inputs like characters and symbols. How can i overcome this?

Thanks, dalvo

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check out this article –  Dmitry Ledentsov Jan 31 at 10:22
thanks for the article, didnt know that there are many different functions, which are more stable/efficient etc. –  dalvo Jan 31 at 10:40

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Use stoi:

try {
  i = std::stoi("1234");
catch (std::invalid_argument) {
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Or strtol if you don't want to use exceptions. –  Simple Jan 31 at 10:39
thanks, that works for me :) –  dalvo Jan 31 at 10:40
this is lame, very lame. I thought this question was about C++. –  Paul Evans Jan 31 at 10:48
@PaulEvans what do you mean? This is a C++ answer. –  Simple Jan 31 at 10:50
@Simple This is olde-timey C at best (in fact it's much worse) . You aren't using C++ at all here, let alone to the full power it gives you to do something as simple as this. –  Paul Evans Jan 31 at 10:52

Just one more snippet that may help, using std::stringstream.


int main(int argc, char** argv){

    // it should be a double, but makes easier 
    // to show ideas above
    int i;

    std::stringstream sstr(argv[1]);

    bool is_all_digit = true;
    // i tried to use a std::all_of, but get stuck...
    // this for do the same job
    // keep in mind thar for double, exponencial, etc
    //   there should be more valid chars
    // If you use only sstr >> i, if argv is, for instance 
    //  '12345asdfg' it will consider 12345.
    for(char& c: sstr.str()){
        is_all_digit &= std::isdigit(c);  

    if( is_all_digit && !(sstr >> i).fail() )
        std::cout << "i == " << i << std::endl;
        std::cerr << "Could not convert " << argv[1] << " to 'int'" << std::endl;
    return 0;
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