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I have to design an application for accessing excel application as database. My problem is I have to create multiple connection for each transaction and if I miss any of closing it, the excel is not being update.

I want to design pattern where i am able to access the excel. Any one help me in designing a common pattern through which i wont be having problem. I want something like this, but we are not able to use it to access excel.

Thanks in advance!

i have this method in utility class

static ResultSet  getExcelData(String filePath,String sqlQuery){
    ResultSet rs=null;

        conn    = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)};DBQ="+filePath+";READONLY=false");
        stmt=    conn.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE, ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE);
        rs=stmt.executeQuery( sqlQuery ); 
    }catch (Exception e) {
        return null;
        // TODO: handle exception

    return rs;


and i am calling it this way

ResultSet rs=JdbcUtil.getExcelData("D:\\AB_demo\\AB_demo\\test.xls", "Select max(int(ID)) from [MAIN$] where HEADER_IND is not Null AND int(ID)<"+excelId);
        int databaseId = 0;

        ResultSet rs1=JdbcUtil.getExcelData("D:\\AB_demo\\AB_demo\\test.xls", "SELECT * from [MAIN$]  where   id= '"+databaseId+"'or id='"+excelId+"'");

i am calling this method twice after which im updating the excel file by using


its returning the integer 1 but its not reflecting in excel.when i use process explorer the file is still in use.i need a design pattern or come code to overcome his kind of problem.

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Why not use access as a database as excel isn't specifically meant to be used as a database –  Liam Sorsby Jan 31 at 11:08
i am basically using it with testng where i have to read the class and the data in dictionary and run it through testng java code.and update the data if the test have passed or failed based on the result.i have code.google.com/p/excel-testng but my requirement is accessing excel as a database. –  saifjunaid Jan 31 at 11:09
my requirement is using excel file –  saifjunaid Jan 31 at 11:10
Firstly you need to update your post with what you have tried however, as another post has specified, excel is the second worst option for a database. raw csv being the first. –  Liam Sorsby Jan 31 at 11:16
to access the file try. Control panel, administrative tools, System DSN and then setup the access file in there. Once setup in your java instead of using the path to the database just use DSN name that you setup in your dsn. –  Liam Sorsby Jan 31 at 11:18

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What you describe is certainly possible, at least in its simplest form. For an Excel document with the following data on Sheet1

id  firstName  lastName
--  ---------  --------
 1  Gordon     Thompson
 2  Bob        Loblaw

the following Java code

  • opens a ResultSet and prints a value from the first row,
  • updates that row while the ResultSet is open, and then
  • reads the next row from the ResultSet.
package exceltest;

import java.sql.*;

public class ExcelTest {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Connection con;
        try {
            con = DriverManager.getConnection(
                    "jdbc:odbc:" +
                    "Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)};" +
                    "DBQ=C:\\Users\\Gord\\Desktop\\test.xlsx;" +
            Statement s = con.createStatement();
            ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$]");
            // leave rs open

            PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(
                    "UPDATE [Sheet1$] SET firstname=? WHERE id=?");
            ps.setString(1, "Gord");
            ps.setInt(2, 1);
            System.out.println("firstName changed to 'Gord'.");

            // do another read from rs

        } catch (SQLException ex) {


The console output is

firstName changed to 'Gord'.

and upon re-opening the Excel document we see

id  firstName  lastName
--  ---------  --------
 1  Gord       Thompson
 2  Bob        Loblaw

Edit re: updated question

Note that the code above uses a different statement object to perform the update. If I try to use the same statement object for the ResultSet and the subsequent update then

  1. the ResultSet is automatically closed when I call executeUpdate, and
  2. the update fails silently. (It reports one row updated but the update doesn't actually occur.)
Statement s = con.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE,ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE);
ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$]");
// leave rs open

int i = s.executeUpdate("UPDATE [Sheet1$] SET firstName='Gord' WHERE id=1");
System.out.println(String.format("firstName changed to 'Gord' in %d row(s).", i));

// do another read from rs

...produces the following console output...

firstName changed to 'Gord' in 1 row(s).
java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet is closed
    at sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcResultSet.checkOpen(Unknown Source)
    at sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcResultSet.next(Unknown Source)
    at exceltest.ExcelTest.main(ExcelTest.java:35)

...and the Excel data remains unchanged.

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its this way i am accessing the code.i want to write comman code for performing database related tasks. –  saifjunaid Jan 31 at 14:36
@saifjunaid I have updated my answer. –  Gord Thompson Jan 31 at 15:00
can i use Apaches commons.apache.org/proper/commons-dbutils to access the excel as database.?i am not able to connect to it using its API. –  saifjunaid Feb 4 at 10:39

I think more right way is generate Excel file from database. Otherwise you must create server side for ensure transactions and connections control. Main problem of your task - Excel is

  1. not database
  2. not network database Other words you must use other tools, other approach for your tasks.
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