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How can I programmatically check if a certain certificate is revoked from its CA CRL list?

I'm doing this:

X509Chain ch = new X509Chain();
ch.ChainPolicy.RevocationMode = X509RevocationMode.Online;
ch.ChainPolicy.RevocationFlag = X509RevocationFlag.EntireChain;
ch.ChainPolicy.UrlRetrievalTimeout = new TimeSpan(1000);
ch.ChainPolicy.VerificationFlags = X509VerificationFlags.NoFlag;
ch.ChainPolicy.VerificationTime = DateTime.Now;
foreach (X509ChainStatus s in ch.ChainStatus)
    string str = s.Status.ToString();
    Console.WriteLine("str: " + str);
X509Store store = new X509Store(StoreName.Disallowed, StoreLocation.LocalMachine);
bool isRevoked = store.Certificates.Contains(certificate);
return !isRevoked && certificate.Verify();

And I get "str: RevokedStatusUnknown". Only if I wait many hours after I revoke the certificate -> the status is returned as Revoked, despite the fact that I publish the CRL immediately after revoking the certificate. Why it does not access the CRL instantaneously?

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Try running the following MS command.

   certutil -urlcache * delete

Windows caches certificate revocation statuses for a certain period, using the above command will flush the cache.

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