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I am a newbie in the MS Dynamics CRM plugin-development and I have to develop a plugin that change the businnes logic of CRM.

I have the QuoteDetail-entity and I want to find the OppoptunityProduct from which this QuoteDetail was generated.

Is it possible? I have not found any possibility to do it.

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You will need to traverse the relationship between the Quote and Opportunity itself, so the relationship will be something like OpportunityProduct -> Opportunity -> Quote -> QuoteProduct, ensuring that the OpportunityProduct and QuoteProduct are using the same Product entity (or if it is a Write-In Product, make sure that they have the same description). All of this will be possible using LINQ statements to extract the relevant records.

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I asked this question in other community and get correct answer:

I have used this tool: I created a new attribute on opportunity & quote product and then assigned it some sort of unique identifier as record was created. After it I have created a mapping for the custom value between the product lines.

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