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I have created a 8 node MongoDB cluster with 2 shards + 2 Replica(1 for each shard) + 3 Config Servers + 1 Mongos.

All these are on network 192.168.1.(eth0) with application server. So this network is handling all the traffic. So I have created one another network 192.168.10.(eth1) which is having only these 8 MongoDB nodes.

Now all the eight nodes are the part of both the networks with dual IP's. Now I want to shift the internal traffic between these mongodb nodes to network 192.168.10.(eth1) to reduce the load from main network 192.168.1.(eth0)

So how to bind the ports/nodes for the purpose?

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You can use bind_ip as a startup or configuration option. Keep in mind that various nodes need to be accessible in the event of failover.

Notably here is your single mongos where it would be advised to either co-locate the service per app server, or depending on requirements, have a pool available to your driver connection. Preferably both and having a large instance for each 'mongos' where aggregate operations are used.

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Hi Neil,Thanks for your response and suggestions. This was a test cluster so I will be adding more mongos nodes shortly as suggested by you. – user2710961 Feb 6 '14 at 11:25
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I got the solution of the problem I was looking for. I configured the cluster according to the IP's of network 192.168.11._ Now the internal data traffic is going through this network.

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