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Is there any inbuild functionality that I can use to de-warp an image from fisheye to normal image?

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I think you're looking for undistort(). "The function transforms an image to compensate radial and tangential lens distortion." IIRC, a fisheye camera has rather extreme radial distortion.

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Thanks. Since fisheye images have extreme radial distortion, I am not sure I can use the above mentioned function to de warp them. –  mans Jan 31 '14 at 16:53

in addition to what MSalters said, you'd first go and calibrate your camera, to get the cam-matrix and the distortion coefficients.

then you'd run undistort() to rectify the fishEye image.

again, you need the camera-mat and the distCoeffs to do it, so if that image was taken with a different camera, and you're lacking that information, - you're out of luck.

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