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I followed the tutorial here to deploy django with gunicorn, nginx and supervisor.

My django project is originally from 1.3.x but now running under 1.4.10. I created a wsgi.py file in the django project directory.

I can successfully start gunicorn by calling: manage.py run_gunicorn

When I do this, the site runs perfectly fine.

However when I run gunicorn mydjangoapp.wsgi:application from within my django app's directory I get an error stating that mydjangoapp.wsgi could not be found.

If I change the command to gunicorn wsgi:application It locates the file but gives me an error that it can't find the mydjangoapp.settings file listed in wsgi.py.

However, if I change this settings path to be just "settings", then I get a different error message stating it can't find mydjangoapp.urls.

When I run gunicorn mydjangoapp.wsgi:application from one directory above my django app, I do not get an immediate error, but if I visit the site, I get an internal server error stating that one of my sites middleware dependencies could not be found.

Any thoughts why this is happening?

The error listed in this post is almost identical to the error I get when I run the command outside of the directory. However, I tried the solution accepted there, and it did not work.

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