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I am trying to get plain HTML as response in the plugin jquery.form.js (http://malsup.com/jquery/form/), but I can't get it. So my code looks like that:

print "$('#filter_form').ajaxForm({
    beforeSend: function() {
      console.log('Image uploading started.');
uploadProgress: function(event, position, total, percentComplete) {
  console.log('Image upload update...');
  img_slider.width(percentComplete + '%');
  img_percent_text.html(percentComplete + '%')

complete: function(responseText, statusText, xhr) {
    console.log('Image uploading finished!');


print "});";
print '</script>';

And for some reason this is changing the target wrong, take a look at the code...

if (empty($_POST)) {
...... // I get this code as output
print "this should be the output via ajax";

So the questions are:

How to get the plain HTML in the complete function (responseText returns object)

How to fix the post parameters that i'm sending through ajax ?

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How do you test forms in jsfiddle, I don't see PHP option in there –  Andrey Tsarev Jan 31 '14 at 13:02

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Be aware that the empty function returns FALSE if you pass in an empty array().

So if you make a POST with no fields (params) then empty($_POST) returns FALSE.

If you want to check if the request is of type POST then either check if the $_POST variable is set using the isset($_POST) method or $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] === 'POST'.

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I use it because the form action leads to the same page where the form is, so if there is no post query I print the form and if there is I just process the submitted post parameters. I will try the isset()... –  Andrey Tsarev Jan 31 '14 at 13:12
Ok, just wanted to point out that your if statement won't work when you make a post with no parameters. But if you expect to always have parameters then it should't be a problem. –  sjkm Jan 31 '14 at 13:14
Thanks, I will use the REQUEST_METHOD :) –  Andrey Tsarev Jan 31 '14 at 13:20

You can also append your response text/html object to some HTML entities, example


<div id='my_id'></div>
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responseText returns [object Object] and I've already tried that and the code in the div was left unchanged. –  Andrey Tsarev Jan 31 '14 at 13:06
just turned out that in this object there is another responseText and when I type responseText.responseText it does show the output correctly, but the post query is wrong again –  Andrey Tsarev Jan 31 '14 at 13:08

So here were my mistakes:

1.How to get the response as plain HTML?

responseText is object, which contains responseText.

Just use responseText.responseText\

How I found it out: I used


to output the object in the browser console and I found out that the source code is in responseText.

2.The problem with the post method

I red that this plugin gets the method from the form so there are two fixes - force it with param

type: 'POST'



or simply set the form method to post like that:

<form action="example.com" method="post" ></form>
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