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In Visual Studio 2012 with Web Essentials 3.5 the following Zen Coding item seems to be transformed improperly:


Note: Just updated to version web essentials 3.6.5 and I still get the incorrect markup.

It results in :

name attribute converted to value attribute

I expected it to create the name attribute set to a value of demo like the following:

expected result

Does anyone know if this is a bug in Web Essentials 3.5 running under Visual Studio 2012?

Is there a list of bugs somewhere?

Did I type the Zen Code incorrectly? Should I expect a different result?

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FYI - Just installed web essentials 3.7 and this is still a bug. –  daylight Mar 17 '14 at 12:00

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Okay, because of all the samples people provided me with I began trying even more combinations and finally learned that if I uppercase the NAME attribute, then it works. What?

Here's the zen code which actually works:

input[type="text" NAME="demo"]



Finally, I even tried UPPERCASING one letter in name like (notice uppercase 'A'):


All these result in:

markup result

Crazy. Mark this down as a bug. :)

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That's good to know. Could be frustrating for future internet goers. –  Jaime Torres Jan 31 '14 at 15:47

Your markup should work... it could be a bug with the Visual Studio plugin. Does it support input:t[name="demo"] ?

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Thanks for the reply. Your sample results in the same incorrect markup I displayed above. Thanks for additional try though. Also, I just learned there is a new version of Web Essentials (3.6.5) and updated/installed that one but it still fails. –  daylight Jan 31 '14 at 13:48

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